Breakpoint already exists

October 29, 2012 iby 0

Have you ever got the error message “The Breakpoint already exists”? The reason is that you or someone else previously have used breakpoints in the affected object/objects. So what to do? If you know which […]

Building a RSS reader in ASP.Net

October 13, 2009 iby 0

Hi RSS Feeds are just XMLs – so building a RSS reader is not so difficult, first you know how to do it 😉 Let’s start with looking at C# function that reads the RSS […]

NAV 2009 SP1 – Testing Codeunits

September 22, 2009 iby 1

One of the new features in NAV 2009 SP1 is C/AL Testability. Let try using the new feature to test a simple codeunit – let us call the codeunit doTest. The codeunit will only contain […]

Error List in NAV 2009 SP1

September 12, 2009 iby 1

Have you seen the new Error List in NAV 2009 SP1? When you know compile objects – errors are shown in an Error List Window.

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