Transforming Forms to Pages

June 5, 2009 iby 4

If you are using the Role Tailored Client and want to use the Forms in it, you have to transform them to Pages. In NAV 2009 you can transform Forms to Pages with the help […]

Using BigText in a Report

April 9, 2009 iby 0

As you properly know BigText can be used to handle large texts. BigText is stored in records as Blob fields, so what to do if you like to use the BigText in a Report? First […]

What’s new in Dynamics NAV 2009?

April 1, 2009 iby 0

One of the major changes is that now Dynamics NAV 2009 is a three-tier solution. It comes with 2 clients – Dynamics NAV Classic, which is equal to the “old” clients, and the new Role […]

Expanding the FTP automation

March 19, 2009 iby 0

In the previous post I have started the development of FTP automation. The first post did only include some basic functions such as download, upload and list. Now it’s time for some more functionality. So […]

Writing a FTP automation

December 15, 2008 iby 6

Over some time I have been using a plain dos ftp from Navision. There is some advantages and some disadvantage combined with it. A advantage is, that this use does not require any third part […]

Playfair Cipher in Navision

November 16, 2008 iby 5

As earlier mentioned I have being reading some books about Cryptology – and now its Playfairs turn to be tested in Navision 🙂 Playfair Cipher (aka. Playfair square) is a symmetric encryption technique and was […]

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