NAV 2009 SP1 – Testing Codeunits

September 22, 2009 iby 1

One of the new features in NAV 2009 SP1 is C/AL Testability. Let try using the new feature to test a simple codeunit – let us call the codeunit doTest. The codeunit will only contain […]

Yes is not an option

September 17, 2009 iby 2

Hi During my tests with NAV 2009 SP1 I ran into an old well known error / problem. So why not write a post on it 😉 When starting a Navision Client (in this case […]

Error List in NAV 2009 SP1

September 12, 2009 iby 1

Have you seen the new Error List in NAV 2009 SP1? When you know compile objects – errors are shown in an Error List Window.

Transforming Forms to Pages

June 5, 2009 iby 4

If you are using the Role Tailored Client and want to use the Forms in it, you have to transform them to Pages. In NAV 2009 you can transform Forms to Pages with the help […]

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