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Navision vs. Microsoft Dynamics NAV

December 16, 2007 iby 0

Navision official name is now Microsoft Dynamics NAV. I will continue to refer to it as Navision, because before Microsoft bought it, it was known as Navision Financials and as Navision Attain.


November 17, 2007 iby 0

Navision Customizations is done in C/SIDE. C/SIDE (Client / Server Integrated Development Environment) is the core of Navision and is the foundation for almost all functionality in Navision. It is made up of 5-7 building […]

What is Navision

November 17, 2007 iby 0

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (also known as Navision) is an ERP software product by Microsoft. It assists with finance, manufacturing, customer relationship management, supply chains, analytics and electronic commerce for small and medium-sized enterprises. The first […]

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Problems when loading XML

October 16, 2007 iby 0

A load will not work if the document contains a DTD / Schema definition where the validation file cannot be found! Ex. a XML containing the following will not be able to be loaded because […]

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XML in Navision

October 12, 2007 iby 2

In Navision there are 2 ways to handle XMLs. In all versions it is possible to use the automation Microsoft XML and from Navision 4 it is possible to use XML ports. XML ports are […]

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MSMQ and Navision

November 17, 2006 iby 0

From Navision it is possible to read and write to a MSMQ using the automation Microsoft Message Queue 3.0 Object Library. This is however not my preferred way, because you have to handle Messages IDs […]

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