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Keys in SendKeys

January 23, 2008 iby 0

Most keys can be represented by the character of the key itself. E.g, the key sequence HALLO can be represented simply by “HALLO”. Some special keys, such as the control keys, function keys etc are […]

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Issues with Sendkeys

January 23, 2008 iby 0

When using Sendkeys there is one big issue, you can not see when/if the application is in the correct state. This means you have to build in some kind of wait states and then after […]

Sendkeys in Navision

January 22, 2008 iby 0

With SendKeys you simulate user keystrokes – which mean it is possible to start applications, enter information, choose menus, buttons etc. SendKeys is a part of Windows Script Host. Currently I am using this functionality […]

Synology DS207+

January 4, 2008 iby 0

Yeah!!! I finally got my new NAS server. A NAS server is a Network Attached Storage, which can be used as a central fileserver. In this case I bought a Synology DS207+ because of all […]