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Splitting files using Visual Basic Scripts

May 21, 2008 iby 0

Do you occasionally need to split a file based on its content? If yes – then this can be done quickly by using a Visual Basic Script and “Scripting.FileSystemObject”. Lets take a closer look.

Using SQL Views in Navision

May 14, 2008 iby 3

Did you know that it is possible to use views in Navision? If you often are collecting/viewing data from several tables it can be usefull to use a SQL View. Created SQL Views can then […]

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HTML Scraping from Navision

May 8, 2008 iby 0

Some times you are in the need of showing a web page an afterwards using the results or data from the web page in Navision. This can be done by using HTML Scraping. HTML Scraping […]