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How to rename the Start button in XP

June 18, 2006 iby 0

You can change the name of the Start button in XP. Simply hexedit the explorer.exe file, which is placed in Windows. Here you have to look for the following offset values: Windows XP (Enhanced Start […]

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Zip files in a script

May 3, 2006 iby 0

If you have an application running, which creates a lot of log files – it would be neat to have simple functionality to zip those files. This is possible, just using dos scripts and the […]

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Some usefull SQL Commands

April 2, 2006 iby 0

If you are a SQL Server administrator or just working with it, these commands would be use full for you. ALTER INDEX Modifies an existing table or view index (relational or XML) by disabling, rebuilding, […]

The OSI Reference Model

October 12, 2000 iby 0

The OSI Model, was formed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1982 with the goal of producing a standard reference model for hardware and software connection of digital equipment. OSI is the acronym […]

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