ADO in Navision

February 20, 2008 iby 5

With ADO you can execute SQL Scripts and Stored Procedures from Navision. To use ADO in Navision, you have to use the automation “Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Library” Lets take a closer on how […]

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February 19, 2008 iby 0

For test purpose I did a little test in C#, where I did use ADO.NET to make a connection to my SQL Server. The common way to access a database is to do the following: […]

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Keys in SendKeys

January 23, 2008 iby 0

Most keys can be represented by the character of the key itself. E.g, the key sequence HALLO can be represented simply by “HALLO”. Some special keys, such as the control keys, function keys etc are […]

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Issues with Sendkeys

January 23, 2008 iby 0

When using Sendkeys there is one big issue, you can not see when/if the application is in the correct state. This means you have to build in some kind of wait states and then after […]

Sendkeys in Navision

January 22, 2008 iby 0

With SendKeys you simulate user keystrokes – which mean it is possible to start applications, enter information, choose menus, buttons etc. SendKeys is a part of Windows Script Host. Currently I am using this functionality […]

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Navision vs. Microsoft Dynamics NAV

December 16, 2007 iby 0

Navision official name is now Microsoft Dynamics NAV. I will continue to refer to it as Navision, because before Microsoft bought it, it was known as Navision Financials and as Navision Attain.

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View your IP address

October 20, 2007 iby 0

A quick way to view your IP address is by using the command IPCONFIG. Just start a command prompt: Start -> Run -> Cmd and then type:

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Shutdown XP Faster

October 17, 2007 iby 0

When XP is shutting down it checks that all applications and services are shut down. Sometimes, some of the services are not shutting down, thus XP gives them time to shut down on its own. […]

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